Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hellooooo! Is There Anybody Out There?

I guess it's the size of this place that makes it so hard to find my friends.  I'm not even sure who's here with me - I've really seen very few people so far...not even Reverend Harold Camping, who I kinda thought would be leading the parade.

Of course, I've only been here a little over twenty four hours, and I don't really know my way around yet.  It took a good hour for St. Peter to find my name in THE BOOK.  I mean, seriously, wouldn't you think they'd have developed some sort of index file by now?   The little angel who lead me to my cloud whispered that St. Peter has been lobbying for a computerized system for years, but rumor has it that the Council of Angels won't appropriate funds for the front gate until Pete stops letting in reprobates like me.

That certainly put me in my place.

I was chastised right away for bringing my own laptop.  I don't know why it was such a big deal - there was this older couple ahead of me in line with two trunks, five rolling suitcases, and an overnighter, like Mr. and Mrs. Howell on Gilligan's Island.  St. Peter just rang for a bellhop angel and let them pass.

Then there was the woman behind me who was so worried about her little poodle.  She entrusted his care to a man who was a self-proclaimed atheist and therefore knew he would not be taking the highway to Heaven on May 21.  This guy charged her over $100 to care for her little darling forever, but now she's worried he'll back out of the deal.  "I didn't want to trust an atheist, but what other choice did I have?" she worried.

Ah well, I'm settled in now on Cloud # 6009956200CM.  I have no idea what that all means, but that's my new address.  It's nice - sparsely furnished, but soft and clean, and with a fantastic view.  Last night my sector went to a harp concert, and tomorrow there's supposed to be a choir.  I've been invited to tryouts.

The internet service up here SUCKS.  Dial up.  Can you imagine?

I must go now.  My little angel dropped by to say I have a fitting for my first wings in 20 minutes, and I have no idea where the tailor shop is located.  If I see Reverend Camping, I'll let y'all know he's safe and sound.

And hey, if any of y'all are up here, too, email me your new cloud address and we'll do lunch!

TaTa for now!



  1. I am still here but as long as I have my super-fast high speed Internet I am OK. And we can both blog! How cool is that?

  2. Blimey, who is that shouty woman waking me up?
    Here less than five minutes and she's already making her weight felt. Who does she think she is? Ruptured?

  3. Ha!! My address is too long to post! But I am the one with the collaged wings!! Can't miss of a kind actually!! I am heading off to my art studio...they say it is filled with His light!!

  4. Too funny. Yours is the first post from the other side. But where are the photos?

  5. Cute post, Ethelmae. Now...let's hear about Zoey! :)

  6. Such a cute post! (at least I hope it's all just a very creative post!)

  7. Welcome back! What a funny it!

  8. are a nut...its fairly warm where i you think the smell of brimstone will come out of clothing...just wondering...

  9. Well you may be far away but you've still got your sense of humor. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you were ok, I've missed you ♥ My lil' ol' blog just wasn't the same without Ethelmae stopping by.

  10. You are adorable! I'm sorry for not being around much. I will do better...promise!

  11. DIAL UP?? And SCHEDULES? Could it be...uh...that you're not where you think you are? As for the athiest, you don't have to believe in god to believe in the heart and love of an animal.

  12. I'm glad you made it. I think I got left behind.

  13. Oh dear-I must have been left behind also-cause it would NOT be raining this much in the heaven I've always planned on being in/on/attending!? Glad you appear to be happy-but no high speed...mmmmmm......I'll wait awhile and take my chances next time!! Take care and keep the links coming when you have time away from your new duties/chores!! ha~~Rain

  14. Hahahahaha great post! Glad you arrived safely and I hope you're enjoying cloud nine :). I got left behind with Anastasia ;). Thanks for the laughter.

  15. I am just so stinking grateful I wasn't drinking anything when I started reading this! SO funny. I can't wait to hear more of what it's like on that other side (I was left behind to burn thankyouverymuch).


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